Friday, December 31, 2010

Has This Happened to You?

Granted, this was made by some attorneys as an advertisement, as noted by their names said several times at the end of the movie, but I think it is makes a valid point.

Most recently I have been helping a family with a school problem, and actually the doctors now. This has been going on for over 6 months. The school says they can't do anything about the child's potential disability because it would be considered AD/HD which has to be diagnosed by a doctor. The doctor said that the school was doing whatever they could for the student, so they aren't going to give the child the label of AD/HD because it wouldn't really help the child. So in the end....who loses? The child in this case. Now many of you know I don't always advocate labeling, but in this case, I believe it necessary to get the child the help needed to succeed in the school setting.

This is just one of many things I encounter on a regular basis in the local schools in our area, although it was the first time I dealt with a family doctor who was unwilling to help the family out. Without money, it is difficult to get an outside assessment because these can cost anywhere from $700 to $1500 or more. So what is a family to do? Keep on fighting the good fight and make a stand for your child that lets the school know that they are responsible and you are not going away.

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  1. I would suggest that if this family's doctor is not willing to do a referral for this child, it's time to look for a new doctor.

    Parents often know their child better than the doctor because they see their child day in and day out, and they notice slight symptoms or issues more quickly than people who do not see their child as often.

    Any health or physical issues that interfere with a child's ability to access education should be taken seriously. If the child had vision loss or hearing loss and couldn't see or hear some of the information they were supposed to be learning, it has a serious impact on that child's progress. A learning disability, or other neurological disability should be taken seriously, and addressed appropriately.